"Hello, my name is Ty Bollinger."

tybI am a happily married husband, the father of four wonderful children, former competitive bodybuilder, devoted Christian, medical researcher, and also a certified public accountant. 

Because I'm a layman, not a doctor, I am free to tell you the truth about your cancer treatment options. I knew hardly anything about cancer until cancer killed seven of my family members, including my mom and dad!

I’ll never forget my dad’s bright eyes, his grin, and his warmth. I could hardly believe it when he came down with stomach cancer. At 6'2" and 220 pounds, he was physically tough. He lived clean, exercised, and ate right. Yet his once-strong body wasted away, and he died of cancer at the age of 52 in July 1996.

Little did I know that cancer would strike my family again and again.

arrow The following November one of my grandfathers died of cancer

arrow In May 1997 one of my cousins died of cancer

arrow The following July one of my uncles died of cancer

arrow In February 1999 one of my grandmothers died of cancer

arrow The following August my other grandfather died of cancer

arrow And in February 2004, my mom died of cancer

My mom’s death from cancer was the last straw! During my years as a CPA, it never entered my mind that I would write a best-selling book that would help “terminal” cancer patients from around the world cure their cancer at home. But after my mom died of cancer I plunged full-time into researching natural cancer cures.

I initially published my book, Cancer - Step Outside the Box, in the fall of 2006. Since then, I am thankful to say that I have had the privilege of sharing this vital, life-saving information with over 100,000 people across the world and have been blessed to learn that my book has played a vital role in the survival of many cancer patients.

You see, when my research into cancer began over 15 years ago, I was just trying to protect my wife and kids against this horrific disease. But what I discovered shocked me to the core. After reading thousands of pages of documents, and talking to hundreds of cancer patients, doctors and researchers, I learned that…   

We've all been LIED TO about
how to effectively treat cancer!

Let me give you a great example: There was a cancer researcher from Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center who studied one of the amazing natural cancer treatments in my book. The reason you’ve never heard of his work is because of a secret cover-up in one of our nation’s most prestigious cancer research organizations.

Normally, officials at Memorial Sloan-Kettering announce any major scientific findings with a press release. Yet in this particular case, officials told their press officer to cover it up. That’s right, he was ordered to write a press release saying the research failed, when the truth is exactly the opposite. It’s a fact confirmed by the former Memorial Sloan-Kettering press officer himself. Even the scientist wonders what happened to his research. In his own words, “I don’t know. Maybe the medical profession doesn’t like it because they are making too much money.”

It’s sad but true. However, you and your family DO NOT have to suffer for another minute because of the medical industry’s greed. But I’ve got some wonderful news … the REAL research on this treatment still exists, and I've included it in my book. Just turn to page 171.

Listen to what the experts are saying about
"Cancer-Step Outside the Box":


My book contains a wealth of information
that 94% of doctors are clueless about!

Here’s why: while at medical school, doctors not only receive biased information but also learn a very drug-intensive style of medicine.  As a result, most doctors are still thinking “inside the box” when it comes to cancer.

The cancer “box” is largely the creation of multinational pharmaceutical companies attempting to peddle their poisons (such as chemotherapy) in an effort to increase shareholder profits. Sadly, these profits are oftentimes generated at the expense (both monetarily and physically) of the dying cancer patient. Little known to most of us, this money-hungry attitude has compromised conventional cancer research.

The Fact Is … There are Many Natural Cures for Cancer

Linus Pauling, winner of 2 Nobel Prizes and author of several books on vitamin C and cancer, tried long ago to warn the public. “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud.” The fraud is based on 3 expensive “therapies” that the medical mafia keeps pushing onto the unsuspecting public — surgery, chemo, radiation — the “Big 3.” Or, as I sometimes refer to them.... CUT, POISON, and BURN!

The fact is that the $200 BILLION cancer industry doesn’t want you to hear about natural, non-toxic alternatives to the “Big 3.” Why? Because if everyone knew about effective natural treatments (such as the ones contained in my book), the demand for cancer drugs and treatments would plummet.

Many well-meaning doctors who believe in these natural cures are reluctant to go public because they would risk ending up on an FDA quack-watch list — or worse, losing membership in the American Medical Association — if they told you about a natural cancer cure.


The REAL "cancer war"

The official "war on cancer" was declared by President Nixon in 1971, but the REAL war is being fought against alternative cancer treatments! Cancer patients deserve to know the truth and to make choices based upon this truth. And the truth is that the proven cancer prevention strategies and the real cures for cancer do not need a prescription nor do they require surgery or barbaric procedures like radiation or chemotherapy.  But you might ask... “Ty, isn't chemotherapy a proven scientific treatment?” 

The answer is YES, it is!  It has been scientifically proven to fatally poison several hundred thousand people each and every year.  Believe it or not, the survival rate for cancer patients who undergo chemo and radiation is no better than the survival rate of patients who receive no treatment at all! Do you realize that two out of 100 stage-four cancer patients who choose chemotherapy will be alive after five years? That means the other 98 will be dead! But don't take my word for it! The table below summarizes the results of a 2004 "chemo study" performed at the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre in Australia. You can see that the 5-year survival rate due to chemotherapy is a paltry 2.1%!!


There’s big money at stake in keeping this drug racket going. The profits of the top 10 drug companies in the Fortune 500 exceed the profits of the other 490 companies put together!!! These profits are simply mind-boggling. The drug profiteers are making money hand over fist by poisoning cancer patients.

Actor Patrick Swayze was poisoned,”
declares Suzanne Somers

You probably saw the tragic photos of actor Patrick Swayze as he wasted away from poisonous chemo treatments. He looked as emaciated as a concentration camp inmate when he died recently at just 57.

Out of the mouth of a Hollywood actress come words of wisdom about the real cause of Swayze’s death. Suzanne Somers, the former star of the comedy “Three’s Company” and a best-selling author on alternative health, told a Toronto-based columnist:SWAYZE

They took this beautiful man and they basically put poison in him. Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins in his body? I hate to be this controversial. I'm a singer-dancer-comedienne. But we have an epidemic going on, and I have to say it.”

Somers went on to say that Swayze died not from his pancreatic cancer but instead from chemotherapy. I couldn’t agree more. How much poison can the human body take?

As you may recall, Suzanne Somers had her own struggle with cancer a few years ago. When her doctors told her she needed chemotherapy for her breast cancer, she said "NO!"  Instead she chose a natural remedy. Her doctors were aghast. But she proved them wrong.

Today, Suzanne Somers is one of the healthiest actresses in Hollywood, and in her sixties she still looks like a million bucks. If she'd taken “chemotherapy” as her doctors had recommended, she would probably be dead now.

America’s top alternative doctor, Julian Whitaker, M.D., remarked, “Chemotherapy is a dangerous placebo.” How many more cancer patients have to die before this chemo and radiation insanity stops? You and your loved ones don’t have to go through these painful, futile treatments if, God forbid, you ever get cancer.

The odds of getting cancer are high. According to a 2010 World Health Organization report, one out of two men and one out of three women alive today will be diagnosed with cancer! But you don’t have to be afraid of it because you can have information that’s saving lives all over the world.   


My book Cuts through Cancer Confusion!

If you Google “cancer,” you’ll get over 787,000,000 hits. Saying that there’s a “lot of information out there” is like saying that the ocean is “a little bit wet.” This sea of information can easily overwhelm you if you’re just beginning to look for answers to cancer. Even if you’ve been reading about alternative cancer treatments for awhile, in my book I guarantee you’ll discover life-saving treatments you’ve never heard about before.

For example, just turn to page 154. That’s where you’ll find a revolutionary immune supplement that I learned about from a leading American M.D. with over 30 years experience. According to the documented research on this supplement, and I've read the research with my own 2 eyes...                     

Breakthrough supplement tested
and proven to “reverse 7 out of 7 cancer cell types”

[This oral immune supplement] has been able to cure an extremely wide variety of cancer cell types. In vitro testing has shown it to be effective on 7 out of 7 cancer cell types tested, including two types of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer & acute promyelocytic leukemia.” And he’s not the only doctor who’s having success. This amazing cancer treatment has successfully treated glioblastoma multiforma! Not one person has ever recovered from glioblastoma using the "Big 3" treatments, but here's a natural herbal supplement that beats them all!

An oncological surgeon says he’s treated countless patients diagnosed with advanced, stage four cancers like breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and many others. He goes so far as to say that it has “never failed” to bring the cancer under control. Don’t wait to discover this new supplement that you or a loved one can take at home on your own. Everything you need to know is on page 154 of Cancer - Step Outside the Box.                               

My book contains VITAL Information
you won't find anywhere else!

box1My recently updated 5th edition of Cancer -- Step Outside the Box gives you dozens of treatments from every corner of the globe that you won’t hear about from conventional doctors and scientists or even many natural health experts.


You’ll get information that’s unknown in conventional medical circles. That’s because these amazing alternative cancer treatments have been buried by our very own medical institutions. Even natural cancer doctors and experts haven’t heard of many of them! And if they have, they’re not talking. Most shy away from revealing the details surrounding these treatments out of fear for their livelihoods and well-being.


In fact, after Charlene and I decided that I should write Cancer - Step Outside the Box to help other families, we took our kids and left the country out of concern for our health and safety. We're back in the USA now, but the fact remains...the "cancer industry" does NOT like competition and they do NOT want cancer patients to know that hey have viable options other than the "Big 3" treatments. Books like mine may one day be on the "burn list" of the FDA...


Before you think we overreacted, consider what happened to doctors who tried to reveal a cancer treatment you’ll find on page 47 of Cancer - Step Outside the Box. This remarkable treatment has been shown to…


Have a 100% “Cure Rate in patients studied

This cancer treatment was put to the test in clinical study and ALL of the cancer patients were cured—every single one! Whenever you see “perfect” results you’re probably skeptical. But it's the truth.  The patients who took part in the study had different types of cancer. And these weren’t easy-to-treat, early cancers; they were advanced cancers. For example, every single patient in the study had been declared “hopeless” by his or her doctor. They were told to go home, arrange their affairs and prepare to die—just like my Dad.                                          

test2Instead, they entered a special medical research trial headed by scientists affiliated with the University of Southern California. During the trial, all 16 patients received a painless natural treatment. Three months later an astounding 14 out of 16 were pronounced clinically “cured.” The remaining two were declared cancer free one month after that! No one suffered any dangerous side effects. It’s amazing!

But it’s what happened AFTER the study that really confirms this natural treatment’s value…

The AMA attempted to BUY the Cancer Protocol

After reviewing the incredible research, The American Medical Association promised to fast-track approval of this painless natural treatment in exchange for a large share of the profit. But the scientist who pioneered this treatment refused their offer. He wanted the treatment to remain affordable for all cancer patients.

In the business world, people refuse offers every single day. But after this refusal, strange things happened. Tragedies began to befall the scientist and any doctors who tried to spread the word about the treatment. Ultimately, four of them died under suspicious circumstances—including the scientist who pioneered the treatment. That’s all I want to say in this letter. You’ll get all the shocking details on page 49 of Cancer - Step Outside the Box.

Most important, you’ll learn how this natural treatment works. You’ll discover how it painlessly eliminates the “secret cause” of cancer that worms its way into healthy cells and causes them to turn cancerous. This is great news, even if you never get cancer.  You see, science has come up with startling proof that virtually all diseases of aging —arthritis, heart disease, even Alzheimer’s Disease, not just cancer— share this same “secret cause". It sneaks into cells like a thief in the night and steals away the nutrients your cells need to function. As a result, you get sick!

Today The American Medical Association denies that this painless natural treatment is effective for cancer or any other illness. Yet this treatment is available. And it’s quietly being used by cancer patients around the world to safely heal their cancers and live long, healthy, active lives.
On page 136 you’ll discover what you need to know to use it on your own for cancer in any stage. You’ll receive the exact protocol that I’ve shared with hundreds of cancer patients. Imagine being able to say "good-bye" to cancer once and for all. Imagine being able to help loved ones or friends heal cancer safely and without suffering horrible side effects. You’ll be able to do it all with the information in Cancer -- Step Outside the Box.                    


Tropical plant holds “cancer-killing secret”
— shrinks advanced cancers of the
lung, prostate, and brain!


This plant is so poisonous that you can’t handle it without wearing gloves, but ironically its extract is completely safe to eat. In fact, if you ever get cancer I recommend taking it every single day. That’s because this plant’s extract contains compounds called glycosides that shrink tumors and send cancers into remission— without one single report of side effects. Just take a look at the latest research…

During a nearly five year study, 494 patients with inoperable cancers were given this extract. Many patients saw their tumors shrink and their cancers recede. Especially the patients suffering advanced prostate, lung and brain cancers. Even more amazing, every single patient in the study felt better.     

Mitigate damage done from CHEMO with this extract!

box4Years of case study confirm that you can take this extract alone or with other immune boosting supplements, even with the “Big 3” conventional treatments. In fact, if you’re going to get chemo or radiation, it’s a great idea to combine it with this. Patients report that they suffered very few to no side effects, including hair loss!

Turn to page 158 of Cancer - Step Outside the Box for full details. For safety’s sake, you’ll want to take only the capsules already mixed at the right glycoside level. I’ll show you where to get them. My book is 502 pages of information that can save your life. In fact, it has been helping regular people from around the world heal their cancers for five years now. But some of the alternative treatments you’ll find inside have been used in secret for even longer by the “rich and famous.” Celebrities like Anthony Quinn, John Wayne, Yul Brynner, and even President Ronald Reagan have successfully healed their cancers using these alternatives for more than 30 years.  Even cancer industry officials use them in secret…                                                                                  

Actions speak LOUDER than words!

You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients,” says one doctor at an alternative cancer clinic I reveal in Cancer - Step Outside the Box. He goes on to say, “You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the American Medical Association, or American Cancer Association, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s the fact.” You’ll get the full story on page 107. And of course, I’ll share with you the types of treatments these officials are receiving.

Interestingly, in 1986, McGill Cancer Center in Montreal, one of the largest and most esteemed cancer treatment centers in the world, surveyed 64 oncologists to see how they would personally respond to a diagnosis of cancer.  The results will blow your mind. Are you sitting down?  Of the 64 oncologists surveyed, 58 said that...all chemotherapy programs were unacceptable to them and their family members due to the fact that the drugs don’t work and are toxic! That  means that 91% of the oncologists surveyed would not submit themselves to the same protocols that they prescribe to their patients!  Is it just me, or does this seem hypocritical to you? I believe that this is not only hypocritical, but it borders on being criminal! They know that chemo will kill more patients than it will help, but they continue to tell their patients that it is their "best treatment option." What a damnable lie!   

Here’s some more fascinating info
you’ll get in my best-selling book:

I’ve included page numbers below to make it easy for you to put your finger on this information when you have the book in your own hands:

Best way to get rid of dead cancer cells as your tumors dissolve (Page 132)
Household plant contains a compound showing significant anti-leukemic activity (Page 244)
Burn your child with radiation OR ELSE! The shocking story of medical terrorism against 12-year-old Katie and her parents (Pages 80-1)
Brain cancer specialist says, “I’d never have radiation if I had a brain tumor” – yet he still prescribes radiation for his patients! (Page 66)
Natural herbal supplement tested 100% effective at reversing 7 types of cancer. All testing on this product was done independently with no physicians paid for their research. (Page 154)
Chemotherapist with cancer tells colleagues, Do anything you want, but no chemotherapy!(Page 71)
JFK’s personal physician cured his own cancer with a natural cure that you can easily make on your stove. What it is, and how to make it (Pages 136-8)
Treasured in Indian cuisine for thousands of years, this all-natural spice is shown to reverse growth in human breast cancer cells by 98% (Page 259)
Potent cancer cure BANNED in USA! A 30-year-long study of more than 35,000 cancer patients found it greatly improves survival rates by stopping tumor growth and preventing the spread of cancer. See how to get this treatment legally in the USA on page 283.
The alternative doctor with the 93% cure rate, based on his 32,507 cancer patients! Beats conventional medicine’s cancer cure rate of 2 percent. (Page 132)
I interviewed a patient named Bill whose advanced prostate cancer had spread and blocked his colon. He took between four and six grams of an amazing Asian root every day and the cancer disappeared! (Page 267)
An accidental discovery by a gold miner may turn out to be the most important medical breakthrough of the century! A leading group of scientists called this easy-to-use treatment “… the most powerful killer of pathogens known.” It has successfully helped over 75,000 people rid themselves of cancer and viruses like AIDS and hepatitis! (Page 279)
7-time Nobel Prize nominee discovers natural cure that has reversed more “terminal” cancers than perhaps any other treatment (Page 119)
The natural cancer cure that vibrates cancer cells to death – the way an opera singer shatters a glass – with no damage to your normal cells (Page 51)
According to Dr. Abulkalam Shamsuddin at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, a compound isolated from seeds, bran and legumes turns cancer cells “OFF” so they behave normally again. Learn how to use it to treat cancer or just prevent it on page 274. My wife Charlene and I take this every day as prevention!
Why you should be eating this cancer-fighting food from the Bible! (Page 246)
The mineral that disrupts the cancer cells’ fermentation process, starving them to death. Inexpensive and easily available. No side effects (Page 127).
Letting the fox into the henhouse: How conventional cancer doctors almost guarantee their stage-four patients will die (Page 77)


But the fifth edition of my book gives you
far more than just "cancer treatments"…

During the 15 years that I looked at more than 100 different foods, herbs, nutrients, alternative compounds, and mechanical devices for treating cancer, I made a surprising discovery: Some of these miraculous alternatives heal more than just cancer.

In fact, they can help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, balance cholesterol, fight pain and much more—without the dangerous side effects of expensive drugs. My family and I are using many of them every day to get rid of minor health problems and even serious ones. They’re so easy and affordable that I want you to know about them, too!

So just take a look at what else you’ll discover inside:

arrow Wonder potion which contains two natural liquids reduces arthritis pain by 90%. (Page 246)
arrow Natural morphine? Dr. Cass Ingram, a consultant to the World Health Organization on natural alternatives to drugs, says this treatment can help you get rid of 170 different conditions from athlete’s foot to arthritis. (Page 284)
arrow Ancient Indian remedy heals colds, strep throat, eye infections and more without antibiotics! (Page 271)
arrow “Secret of Kings and Emperors ” revealed. For centuries many members of the world’s royalty did this at every meal to fight illness. Now we know it gave them protection against over 650 disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and molds! (Page 257)
arrow Harvard confirms discovery of natural “fountain of youth.” (Page 292)
arrow “Miracle drink” lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol in less than a week. (Page 246)
arrow Keep your kids healthy! All-natural whole food supplement is inexpensive and easy to get for use at any age (Page 242)   
arrow Volcanic ash holds thousand year old detox secret... an amazing treatment acts like a magnet attracting dangerous heavy metals and toxins inside your body and flushing them out.  It even works against bacteria and viruses! (Page 299)
arrow Herbal tea stops a heart attack within 30 seconds. You’ll see how to make it at home for pennies, on page 253.
arrow Slash your heart disease risk by 40% with this all natural compound found naturally in a certain fruit... cures blood “stickiness,” blocks oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol and even reduces triglyceride levels. (Page 292)

You’ll receive 502 pages chock full of vital, life-saving information.
Don’t delay, order your printed copy or digital download of Cancer - Step Outside the Box today. Cancer isn’t waiting and neither should you!

While you read this letter,
5 Americans died of cancer…

The latest statistics show that one American dies of cancer every minute. That’s over 1,400 people a day. Enough to fill 4 fully loaded jet planes! And, sadly, these deaths are often far from peaceful. If you’re like me and you’ve seen family members orfriends suffer through conventional cancer treatment, then you know the pain and suffering they experience until the very end.

FACT:  Every 60 seconds someone dies from cancer—and every 3 minutes, someone new is diagnosed with cancer.  That someone could even be you.


You can heal cancer—and it doesn’t
have to cost a bundle!

I’m happy to report that the treatments you’ll find in my book cost just a fraction of conventional cancer treatments. I’m talking about several hundred or several thousand dollars (at most), compared to hundreds of thousands of dollars for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. That’s why the cancer industry in America will never embrace them. And it’s another reason why you MUST learn how to heal your own cancer—or find the right alternative clinic to help you.

Let me give you an analogy: Why doesn’t a forest fire erupt every time someone throws a burning cigarette out of a car window? Well, if it lands on the street it will burn itself out unless a breeze carries it elsewhere. If it’s humid, the forest will resist catching fire. If it’s raining, the rain will put the cigarette out. And if it has rained within the last few days, the forest will be too damp to catch fire.

But if the weather is hot and dry with a blustery wind, all it takes is a spark to start a raging forest fire.

That’s the way it is with cancer, too. Cancer cells will run loose in your body if the conditions are right – conditions such as a weak immune system and a body chemistry that’s out of whack. In my book I’ll tell you how to "cancer proof" yourself so your body is like the forest that stubbornly refuses to catch fire.                 



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